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(Nov 02, 2013)
i can send u, message me your email
(Nov 01, 2013)
Im looking to come back for free. I need someone to send me a scroll of rez
(Oct 04, 2013)
Everytime "Spoon" comes on the radio I think of my favorite druid.
(Oct 03, 2013)
You are nucking futs! Miss ya, buddy!
(Oct 02, 2013)
Can I cuss here? If not, im fucking sorry. How the fuck is everyone?
(Sep 18, 2013)
his guys sure dont stand in shit
(Aug 30, 2013)
i hate u guys....i want my beta key too
(Aug 29, 2013)
and, yeah, so far it's been fun!
(Aug 29, 2013)
scratch that, i'm in! now, what do i actually do...
(Aug 28, 2013)
put my name in, but not selected for HS
(Aug 19, 2013)
anybody else in hearthstone beta?
(Aug 17, 2013)
Missing everyone
(Jul 31, 2013)
Heroic Horridon kill video is up @
(Jun 30, 2013)
Yami will be 45 mins late tonight, sorry, he has to work.
(Jun 13, 2013)
Nay, just killing stuff!
(Jun 10, 2013)
Anything interesting going on nowadays?