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(Aug 06, 2014)
I just want to say... I'm really proud of our team. Great raid tonight, guys.
(Aug 01, 2014)
6/14 Leggo
(Jul 22, 2014)
good luck tonight guys heroic ij thursday
(Jul 21, 2014)
Yo Zombies .... 5/14 H, Gratz to everyone, Happy to see the guild is progressing
(Jul 11, 2014)
5/14H for the 25man GG all
(Jun 25, 2014)
3/14H for the 25 man now :3
(May 30, 2014)
13/14 25man holla
(May 16, 2014)
10/14 25m go team
(May 10, 2014)
go team bawlz 25 man progress now 7/14
(Apr 21, 2014)
hey all its been a long time but wow is sucking me back in. i hope you all let me come back i miss raids
(Apr 03, 2014)
(Mar 20, 2014)
Omg a rogue!
(Mar 18, 2014)
Hi Guys Lookin into making the comback to wow :)
(Mar 18, 2014)
Hi Guys Lookin into making the comback to wow :)
(Jan 07, 2014)
my flight has been cancled again. I won't be back until Friday the 10th now. If there is anyway one of you could contact <Timeless> of Turalyon and tell them Brazos (me) won't make it, that would be great thanks
(Jan 06, 2014)
And Jai txted me saying his inet is very flaky for 1/6... looking, good tonight, eh?
(Jan 06, 2014)
Weather is awesome...flight cancled to montreal...I will miss raid on 1/6
(Jan 05, 2014)
Power has been flickering on and off so may not be on for raid.
(Nov 11, 2013)
RAGE: Char may not make raid due to emergency.
(Nov 07, 2013)