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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jun 15, 2007)
Check out the event listing on the calendar. I changed it to a participation event and you can sign up there. Let me know if that works =)
(Jun 12, 2007)
Hey Zyph... I just upgraded your account to member from applicant. You should be able to access more of the website now. Welcome to Zombie!
(May 12, 2007)
5 online... that is more than Syndicate had on all last month! LOL
(May 08, 2007)
hey hey!
(May 06, 2007)
hey Mark!
(Apr 13, 2007)
Hey Grub! When are you going to add any characters to your profile? When is Abasca going to join?
(Mar 05, 2007)
Doh! I need to do that too..