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(Mar 23, 2015)
38th hunter in the world on blast frunace ayy lmao
(Mar 21, 2015)
hey everyone i hope your all doing well
(Mar 11, 2015)
happy b day fim
(Feb 08, 2015)
Good job this week everyone :)
(Feb 04, 2015)
Poor Yolo can't even spell the names of bosses now...
(Feb 04, 2015)
cant even spell gruul right /cry
(Feb 04, 2015)
GG guys gruuil down oregorger is next!
(Feb 03, 2015)
awesome job on gruul guys
(Feb 03, 2015) check this out if you want to figure out what gear you need from blackrock
(Jan 28, 2015)
CNN: Reports that Yolo is now in a coma. It is not confirmed when he will wake up.
(Jan 27, 2015)
back in my day...what was i saying? /sleep
(Jan 27, 2015)
leave him be in his addle minded years!
(Jan 27, 2015)
Yolo, you shouldn't make quotes if you're going to mess them up. :(
(Jan 27, 2015)
Go team blouses and remember may the odds be always in your favor
(Jan 20, 2015)
cant wait for the pool party
(Jan 18, 2015)
no no, i love the police
(Jan 18, 2015)
2/7 Mythic. Fuck the police!
(Jan 15, 2015)
Yolo...get in here
(Jan 15, 2015)
(Jan 15, 2015)
web working inet go tonight scrubs ..I mean blouses