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Zombie is a prime time, semi-hardcore, 20-man raiding guild located on the Sen'Jin server. Our focus is on PvE progression. We strike a balance between true hardcore, no-nonsense raiding and a fun, relaxed, friendly environment where raiders can feel comfortable while raiding. We purposely keep our roster lean, which means you will raid a lot, but also that it is very important that you are consistent and considerate. In order to be successful, we expect each one our raiders to always bring their "A game" to maximize effective use of our limited raid time.

We focus on adding only self-sufficient mature raiders who take initiative and don't need to be monitored. You must be a TRUE raider: Show up to raids knowledgeable about the boss fights and prepared, be it with consumables, the best spec, glyphs, enchants, gems for your class role and willing to do what it takes to help the guild progress. Our members are all adults. Many of us have children. Please don't apply if you're under 18. You may be a great player, but we aren't going to consider someone still in high school when we raid until the AM. You must be a team player: for progression encounters, we WILL put the best 20 players in for the fight, in order to succeed.

We do expect a 100% attendance as much as possible but missing raid days from time to time is understandable as long as there is a valid reason. We fully understand that life happens, but that said, we need members who can commit to all raid nights for their respective teams. In the event of an absence whether it be planner or unexpected, we ask member to post in the forms and update the in-game calendar. If possible please also let an officer know if there are any online.

We will provide this website, a guild bank and Ventrillo for your use. Our guild members have all of the tradeskills covered and available to our members.

Our Ventrillo chat and Guild chat channels may sometimes contain adult humor and language, but please consider that some folks have children who could be listening or reading along, and try to keep it clean. This is not the place for Political Discussion, Religious Discussion or Sexual Discussion, be polite and respectful and you will be treated the same.

An Applicant will remain an Applicant for ~14 days (up to a month), while his/her ability to perform and fit in with the group will be observed. Friends and Family are welcome, but will not be offered first choice at raid spots over Primary Recruited Members. Alts are acceptable at this time. This may change if your alt-play leaves your teammates hanging when they need you.

Raid loot is done by Loot Council, but is distributed using the EPGP loot system, assisted by the EPGP DKP Reloaded and EPGP Lootmaster Mods.

If you are a positive raider that listens to directions, plays your class well, and consistently attends raids, come join us!!