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Our first post-launch guild meeting was last night, and we had a pretty good turn out for it. Grace has put up the minutes for the meeting so if anyone missed it and would look to see what was discussed you can check the link below for it.

Guild Meeting 1/7/15

Along with the meeting came our first event in Warlords: a screenshot scavenger hunt hosted by Viktoir. This was the first of many events/contests that we'll be doing from now on. You can check the minutes listed above to read part of Viktoir's speech on events/contests.

First Event - Zombie Scavenger Hunt

Feel free to suggest other possible contests or events in this thread.

We also now have a new Highmaul Raid Strat Video thread, updated for Mythic content. Raiders from both teams are encouraged to check it out. You can find both the Normal/Heroic videos and Mythic videos there as they become available.

Highmaul Heroic & Mythic Strat Videos

In closing, good job everyone. Both teams are doing well so far this expansion. Let's keep it up and also have fun at our new social events too.
I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused.
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