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Raid Information

  • For anyone interested in applying to either raid team, the process is simple. Get up with an officer, and if you're interested in raiding with either team, you are expected to fill out an application on the website. Casuals do not need to fill out an app.
  • We have a lot of people who make a strong effort to attend raids, and there's also members who miss quite often. Going forward there is a pretty high expectation for attendance. (As close to 100% attendance as possible.) There's a link to attendance in my vent comment, and it's also on the forums if you want to see where you stand.


  • There's been issues with people acting up in trade/general chat. It's okay to mess around, but try to keep it clean. Don't be a douche in trade chat. If it continues to be an issue, we'll remove you.

  • Zombie has a long reputation on this server. We just want to uphold our reputation, so if you have an issue, let us know and we'll address it. Keep it to whispers. Don't troll or flame in public chat.

Team Blouses' Loot

  • Thus far, we've been using the EPGP addon to distribute loot while using a "loot council" system to determine who gets the loot. We had intended to switch to using EP/GP points once we started Mythic, but we feel that the loot council system has actually been really beneficial in making sure that loot goes to the right places and benefits the raid in the best way possible. For this reason, we will continue to use the addon as our way of rolling for loot (and allowing the loot master to easily see everyone's current equipped items) but we will NOT be awarding EP/GP points to anyone at this time. In short, we will continue distributing loot via the LOOT COUNCIL system via the EPGP addon.

Questions and Closing Remarks

  • The guild has been really focused on raiding lately. We are known first and foremost as a semi-hardcore raiding guild. However, we want to be a bit more than that, so Axeel has been working over the last month or two to plan some social events for the guild. These are simple and they aren't going to involve raiding/ilvls. They're just meant to be fun and relaxed so we can all have some fun outside of raid. Before I turn this over to Axeel, are there any questions about anything we've talked about tonight?

  • If you've already applied on the website and you stopped raiding, do you have to reapply?

  • You can't reapply on the website, so you don't have to reapply to start raiding again.

  • The reason the apps are necessary is to give you access to the website. They aren't to just make you app for the sake of apping. Most of our strats are on the website and we just want all raiders to have access to that information on the forums, so if you've already apped, we don't need you to app again.
  • That being said, there are things you could do to increase your chances of raiding again. For example, raise your ilvl. If you know a team is working on specific content, do your best to PUG those bosses. PUG the fights, know them, know your class, have a decent ivl, and all those things will help you.

  • Just before Christmas, Yolo mentioned that attendance during that time wasn't going to be taken. I see on the log that you guys did track that and that it was taken. How is that working?

  • I track the days that people didn't give us advanced notice and the ones where they did give us a heads up. Dates are also posted in the notes. Obviously dates are taken into consideration, but if there was a scheduled raid and it was missed, it was recorded.

  • For the record, the people that got removed for absences had attendance issues outside of that week that Yolo gave us some leniency. Some people had less than 50% attendance from the time that we started raiding, and obviously that's just unacceptable.

  • If anyone has questions that they're uncomfortable talking about now and you want to whisper us, feel free. We're more than happy to answer anything.

Social Events

  • These events are aimed to be social because we've been putting a lot of focus on raids. Sometimes we raid 5 nights a week and although it was necessary, there are more people in the guild who aren't on a raid team and don't want to raid mythic content. We get that it sucks for those people if they never get to do stuff with the guild, thus the goal of these events. If anyone has ideas for events, I'm open to suggestions. Tonight's event is a screenshot scavenger hunt. Once the meeting is called, everyone that is interested needs to whisper me on Axeel (my mage.) I will invite everyone to group and split us into teams. On the website there are lists of screenshots that I want you to gather. The goal is to get as many as you can of these and collect points. You'll get bonus points for completing an entire "section". There will be prizes, so tonight the winning team will get 4k gold split evenly among them. Mages within teams can't use portals, but I'll be on my mage and I can port people. I'll lay out more of the defined rules once we get everyone in group that's interested, however. There will be more contests going on in the future. There will be raffles, and maybe a guild rank for people who win specific contests. We'll be having a trivia contest with prizes and officer raffles. More info will come, but those are just some ideas that I'm working on. If any of those sound good to you, just whisper me. Again, these are strictly for fun. Don't stress, don't worry about your gear or who you know. This is just to get us all together and make us closer.
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