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#10388827 Dec 09, 2014 at 12:09 PM
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Hello, friends! I'm pitching some ideas for some possible guild events. Some of these would be seasonal, but if enough people are interested, we could try to make this a montly, bi-weekly or even weekly Zombie activity! None of this would be required. This events would just be fun activities to do as a guild - outside of raiding current content - to break up the stress and/or boredom that comes with raiding the same content over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Also, I'm sure it'd do a lot for the guild's health if we did some stuff together outside of raiding or PvP. Here are some tenative ideas. Feel free to add more ideas and feedback in this thread.

This involves the auctioning off of the Guild's officers for any activity you want. All proceeds would go to the gbank and help pay for repairs, raiding consumables, and other things the guild may need.

I'm not an officer obviously, but I'm going to use myself as the example to explain how this would work because it is easiest.

EXAMPLE: Viktoir, resident super-sexy tank, is up for auction. Before the bidding begins, the things I'm capable of doing will be mentioned in chat or vent. [Viktoir is a super-sexy tank that is able to give you instant tank Qs, help level battle pets, mine ore, aid in old instances, knowledgeable of all garrison activities, can fish, and can stand around looking sexy while you do non-sexy stuff]. For people interested in what I'm offering (don't be shy), will then get the oppurtunity to bid in chat. I believe raid or guild chat would be the best for this so we don't blow up Vent. At the end of a 30s-1m period, bidding will end and the person with the highest bid will then give the money to the gbank. At that point, that person can redeem his/her hour with their chosen officer whenever available.

Disclaimer: You may not take your auctioned officer into the Deeprun Tram OR Goldshire.

Secret Santa / Dirty Santa / Randomized Gift Giving Extravaganza 2.0 (RGGE2.0)
This would be our Christmas / whatever holiday you celebrate Zombie event. This involves everyone interested sending a gift the the designated 'Santa.' These gifts can be anything, but it would be best to make it a pet, piece of relevant armor, pots/flasks, or something funny. Being that guy that brings in that random Grey item would make you lame. The gifts would then be randomly given out (under RGGE2.0), or we could use the dirty santa method. This involves having a pool of gifts that everyone can pick from. Everyone will be assigned a number and they choose a gift in the designated order. The catch is that if Person #1 picks that fancy i685 cloak everyone wants, Person #2 can choose to take the gift from person #1. Person #1 would then have to repick an item from the stack. After they pick, Person #3 can choose to take a gift from #1/2 or pick a new one until all the gifts are given out.

To add a layer of fun and randomness, we could also limit the gifts to unstackable items so the gift wrap (assuming it is still in game) can be used on the items. That way what you're picking from is entirely a mystery and no one knows who gets what until the end. Taking gifts from others and such would still be an option here to make it a little more engaging.

Zombie Arena Showdown in Gurubashi Arena
This event would place all interested Zombie members into the Gurubashi Arena in Southern Strangelthorn Vale. There, we will have a free-for-all deathmatch until one Zombie is left standing. The rules I thought up are as follows:

1. This event is supposed to be fun, so we can choose between having a match where everyone can use anything they have (i.e. their best armor, PvP gear) or, we fight to the death in the nude. IMO, the most fun would be the nude fighting b/c everyone is on the same level in terms of strength and it would be hilarious to watch a lot of Zombies running around naked in an arena.
2. Each player would have THREE lives. This enables people to stick around a bit longer.
3. The First and Second place would get a yet to be decided reward for winning the arena match.
4. Anything goes; Make alliances! Betray those Alliances! Stay stealthed in a corner! Focus Yolo! Anything is possible in the Gurubashi Arena.

Transmog Contest
This would be a montly contest. Every month, we would get together and vote on the best Transmog in the guild. This will be done by popular vote (considering everyone probably has different tastes) and will possibly have a prize for most unique. Each month, assuming you enter the contest, you would have to bring in a new Transmog set. No previously used (in the contest that is) Tmog will be counted. This could also be a contest where at the beginning of the month, a theme is chosen and at the end of the month, a transmog outfit best representing that theme will be chosen as the winner. Examples of themes are: Noob, Tier-based, Fire, Citizen, Clown, Vanilla/TBC/WotLK/Cata/Mists, anti-class (meaning a warrior has to make a non-warrior esque tmog), and vicious.

This would include races involving various content. For example, for one race, we may randomly assign all participants groups and have that group attempt to solo and old raid faster than another group. Another race would be a naked run of the pit. In this run, everyone would unequip their armor and attempt to do a lap around the pit. You may die and run back, but you must rez on your corpse. Also, no stealthing will be allowed in any of these races. There may also be a list of objectives people must complete, in a group or otherwise, and the first few people to complete all of the objectives will be the winners.

Hide and Seek
This would be a riddle game. I, for example, will hide a character - not on my main account - somewhere in WoW. I will give out clues and/or riddles to help people find the character I have hidden. This one is pretty straight forward.

Trivia Night
This pits two or more teams (or individuals if desired or not enough people are around) against each other in WoW trivia. There will be one person who is in charge of reading the questions and tallying points for each group. This would probably be more for fun and may or may not have prizes. I would guess there would be a lot of calls for rematches in this game!

Good Guy Zombie
This event would be aimed at improving Zombie's standing socially on the server. One night out of the week, we could take a group of random people through Flex and/or LFR difficulties of dungeons. This would be a "just for fun run" for some of the people on the server who can't get into raids. Could also be good for recruiting.

Another take on this event would be for us to handout bags, materials and other goods/services to random people on our server who need them. We obviously wouldn't handout our top of the line gear and materials, but we could give out things that would help people who need a little help. This would be more like charitable giving.

Pet Battle Tournament
This is another straight forward event. We would have a pet battle tournament in a place that everyone could come watch (maybe Gurubashi Arena again!).

That is the end of my list for now. Remember, all of these events are meant to be social and fun things for all of us to do together. While I imagine there will be prizes for most of them, don't expect something like 10k for winning a naked FFA in an arena. I'd obviously like there to be an incentive for coming out, and I'll work on how I'll make that work, but try to keep in mind its about the social aspect, not the reward.
#10390372 Dec 09, 2014 at 06:26 PM
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Is this what you had in mind with the officer auction?
#10390810 Dec 09, 2014 at 09:08 PM
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This entire thread is amazing. xD
#10390957 Dec 09, 2014 at 10:33 PM
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Axe, what a brilliant bunch of ideas! I like LFR weekly to boost guild image. I remember when Nether and Premo were selling 3-drake mount runs. All server knew about it. If Zombie does fun-for-free runs I am sure it will be popular.
#10392566 Dec 10, 2014 at 09:11 AM
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I'm not opposed to any of these ideas.. will need someone to help organize this kind of stuff though
#10393454 Dec 10, 2014 at 12:39 PM
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Draught, that is the best video I have ever seen and is EXACTLY what I had in mind.

Thanks, Dag! The "fun-for-free" runs are exactly what I was thinking. I mean sure, if we ever wanted to sell runs that could be a thing, but it doesn't necessarily bolster an image. Well, other than that we can carry you to a boss kill.

I was actually planning on doing most of it myself since I know everyone else is rather busy. Obviously would need officers input ideas / prizes / tweaks, but I wasn't planning on just spitting some ideas out and saying "good luck." I'm going to be waiting a little bit to see if anyone else comes to this thread with suggestions or interest before grinding out specifics though.

Draught, again Bud, that video was amazing.
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